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NEW BRUSH Xtreme Protective Coating ($55.00)


NEW BRUSH Protective Coating:

Extend the life of eyelash extensions! This innovative formula coats and seals the attachment area between the eyelash extension and the natural eyelash, creating a protective barrier against oil, perspiration, dust and debris. Style, shape, and hold curl while adding a subtle sheen- in just one step! Recommended use is 1-2 per week only.

  • Promotes longevity and protects eyelash extensions.
  • Contours, shapes, and holds eyelash extensions into place.
  • Safe on natural eyelashes.

Insider Tips: Gently tilt the bottle back and forth 2 times before every use. Remove and replace the mascara-style brush slowly to prevent air bubbles from forming. Hold upright while using to prevent product from spilling. Always apply sparingly; multiple coats of Protective Coating over the same area is not necessary.