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Mother’s Day Special Gift Pack ($85.00) – Limited Time!

KimmyBeauty Mother's Day special
KimmyBeauty Mother's Day specialMother's Day 2018

This limited edition gift pack comes in a beautiful box and contains:

Eye Cream – choose from Vitamin C (creamier eye gel that contains high absorption Vitamin C and pomegranate extract for lumious radiant effect); or Hyaluronic eye cream (contains hyaluronic acid and biotin GHK to raise droopy eyelids and reduce puffiness).

Mascara – High Impact Panoramic Mascara – easy to apply body that adds structure and ensure high performance adding extra volume to lashes.

Valued at over $100.  Limited Time Offer!

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  • Description

Product Description

Details: Limited Edition gift pack for eyes.  The most popular eye creams  – Power C and Power Hyaluronic eye gel.  Perfect to support your home care treatment, including lash extensions.
  • Power Hyaluronic Eye Gel & Phenomenon Mascara Kits
  • Power C+ Eye Gel & Phenomenon Mascara Kits

    Main component: Vitamins and amino acids.

    Works for: Any skin type

    Directions: Spread small amount of gel around the eye and eyelashes area.  Will raise droopy eyelids and provide a feeling of relief on both puffy bags and sagging under the eyes.