It’s more simple than you think!! YES you can do your own ‘pedi’ at home, with my wonderful DIY simple body scrub recipe and save yourself $$$ thousands a year. Rather than spend the dosh, put the $60 you’re paying on a pedicure every few weeks (coming to around $1000 a year) towards a beautiful Christmas gift to yourself, or if you’re after something longer lasting put the cash towards your first share purchase or term deposit!! What an amazing way to show your kids the power of savings.

Here are the steps for your ‘at home’ pedicure:

  1. Allocate time where you will have at least 30 minutes to yourself.
  2. Put on some relaxing music.
  3. Get a bucket and fill with warm water.

At Home Pedicure Pamper Session

Save yourself money (and time as you won't need to leave home!) on a self pamper session.
Prep Time15 mins
Active Time30 mins
Author: kimmybeauty
Cost: 60

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These make great Christmas gifts as well! I highly recommend buying 4 gifts in one for yourself or a loved one. I also have different themes to choose from and they make the perfect stocking filler. I rarely go through a full bottle of nail polish (and that includes doing it for friends, family and clients from the home salon!) so the small sizes are perfect.

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