Always check the % of your essential oil – there are a lot of companies that will dilute the product.

I have listed a few that you may or may not be familiar with below. They are my personal favourites!!

  1. Lavendar – this is my “essential” essential oil. It has calming and restorative impacts. Lavendar reminds me of the fragrance used in the first beauty salon I worked in and as soon as I walked through the door it felt like “home”. You can use lavendar oil pretty much on anything! It will promote calming effects for sleep, soothing effects for skin irritation and it promotes a good night’s sleep. I also have used this in cleaning products.
  2. Lemongrass – I found this one later in life… but my daughter loves it! so she will be an early bloomer. 😉 To me, it’s a step up from lavendar – a more memorable impact and just as calming, which surprises me that it’s an insect repelant! added bonus!!
  3. Tea Tree Oil – this was well known when we were growing up to be the “pimple buster”! Trust me, I have better remedies for busting pimples now… (I believe it’s too harsh to use on your face)… but I do use this as a washing antiseptic as well as for cleaning floors when diluted with hot water. I might also use this in the oil burner if I want a more “potent” or intense smell, particularly if I am suffering from a cold during winter.

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