Tea tree oil is pale yellow or water white in colour.  It has a warm fresh, spicy camphor-like aroma and has been used for centuries by aborigines for fighting coughs and colds.  The oil can be applied directly to the skin to kill bacteria, fungi and viruses.  It can be used in a mouth gargle for throat and mouth infections or for burns, insect bites, nappy rash, thrush, corns, coldsores, and warts… so now onto something more pleasant!  In an oil burner, tea tree oil blends well with lavender (our oil of the month last month!), rosemary and pine.  Should you wish to book in for an aromatherapy massage or facial simply book here.

Mixing oils can be very rewarding, especially when added to recipes!

Keep a bottle of toner beside your desk and set a reminder to ‘spritz’ your face every couple of hours. Air conditioning is drying to the skin and toners such as Dermalogica’s Soothing Protection Spray rehydrate our skin. A cheaper alternative is to buy rose water at the chemist, or use spring water. Add your favourite essential oil – I recommend lavendar for its soothing and healing properties. Lavendar oil is a very fragrant oil and can be used in oil burners and is also effective for use on burns.

Lavender Oil

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