Three quick and simple Autumn Beauty Tips!

The most common question I get asked when we go into the colder months is, “how do I combat skin dryness?!” In most cases, this is due to the change in season… – although we’ve been experiencing hotter than usual Autumn ? temperatures we are also experiencing wind, which can cause dryness.


Use a Toner

You can really get away with making your own toner. Refill your spray bottle and add lavender oil to rose water… more home made skin treatments to follow in coming months! If you want to purchase one, I recommend Skeyndor’s natural defence toner.
FYI Savings on toner each year = $100!


You will find by making your own products at home, you’re benefiting your savings, as well as the earth!

Rose Water Toner


Whenever I buy myself roses (or on the rare occasion I get them from my partner LOL)… I keep the petals before they get too old to make for this recipe. It’s so simple – just try it!


  • 1 bunch roses
  • 2 cups distilled water

Use a heavier moisturiser

If your skin feels dehyrdated, opt for a heavier moisturiser such as Skeyndor Aquatherm F2 or Power Hyaluronic.
Kimmy Tip: Rub a pea size amount between your hands and apply to face in upwards direction to make your moisturiser last. The warmth from your hand will allow the cream to go further..!.





Don’t forget your eye cream


Apply with your ring finger as this has the least pressure for this thinner layer of skin.



Beauty Tips for Autumn

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